Working together as coParents with school and holiday events will create everlasting memories for your child.

As if there isn’t enough to contend with during the holidays, we have all the school events. As a divorced parent and school director there are a few tips that can make this easier for you and your child.

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Try to attend school events together; it’s the best for your child to see mom and dad there, even though I know it can be hard. Put your ego aside and try to understand how your child feels.

If this is not going to work, arrange with your coParent that one of you is at each event, dividing the time and parties the best you can. Once everyone agrees, tell your child so they know who is coming when. Reassure them about what is going on and keep them in the loop.

Finally, be sure you let the school know that your child’s parents are divorced or separated, and ask if they can include both parents in emails and school correspondence.

If your coParent shows no interest in these activities, please know it’s up to you to do it all, attending as many events as possible. Not an easy task, yet the rewards when your child looks up and sees you at their school are indescribable. 


About Debbie Ficarra

Debbie Ficarra has been the proud owner of La Canada preschool, located outside of Loa Angeles, for 13 years. Prior to becoming a mother to three daughters, Ficarra gained her childhood education, acquiring her AA in Child Development and BA and Masters in Human Development. She also took the required coursework for a degree in Marriage and Family. Ficarra then purchased La Cañada Preschool, which was a dream come true. As a divorcee, and now newly married, Ficarra also knows about working through a divorce with young children. Her main goal in life – family and at work – is to provide the best environment for her preschool students that range between the ages of two and five.