coParenting is recognized as one of the biggest factors impacting your child’s long-term mental and physical health and wellbeing. coParenter keeps children at the center by empowering parents to make and manage everyday coParenting responsibilities and resolve conflicts without putting kids in the middle..


Every year, Americans spend over $10B on family law attorneys litigating every-day coParenting issues. Not only does litigation cost family up to 77% of their savings, it can also effect their physical and mental health, magnify negative behavior and dramatically impact productivity at work. coParenter helps parents save money, stay out of court and take a child-centric approach to resolving issues.


coParenting professionals depend on word-of-mouth and free consultations to build their practice. coParenter connects mediators, custody coordinators, therapists and other coParenting professionals with local families who need them- at their moment of need- saving them up to 90% of the cost of litigation.


Family courts are in crisis. Budget cuts and financial deficits mean that many judges can only process 70% of filed family law motions- with an average of six minutes to decide each case. coParenter decreases the volume of filed motions by helping parents resolve their own issues out of court. And because all communication, agreements and legitimate attempts to resolve disputes are securely time-stamped, logged and stored, judges can monitor the he-said/she-said, language and intensity between coParents who do end up in court.


Family Law Attorneys are highly skilled specialists who represent parents’ rights and positions through their divorce. When their clients use coParenter, lawyers can avoid frivolous, frantic late night/weekend calls, focus on the complex legal issues and empower their clients to make and manage their own coParenting decisions.