In the book, CoParenting After Divorce, there is a guide that lists resources for coParents and children. Here are some helpful websites:

The Internet offers many free resources that can help in creating and maintaining your parenting plan. The list here is but a sampling of the websites available. Follow the links at the websites listed for even more resources. Your Parenting Coordinator may have additional resources for you that are specific to your area or your particular needs.

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Long-distance Contact and Virtual Visitation:

Virtual Visitation —

Distance Parent —

Separated Parenting Access and Resource Center —

Parenting from a Distance: A how-to guide published by the University of Nebraska —
Our Family Wizard: subscription to shared family calendars, journals, and other resources —

Divorce Info: Loving Your Kids Across the Miles —

Family Focused digital Calendar –;;

General Parenting information; parenting-tips-for-divorced-parents.htm;;

Kids Sites –

Websites to Search for Kids Software –

coParenting Class – high-con ict-and-anger-class.html

coParent Communication Site –

links to Contact guidelines or Sample Plans with a Long-distance or Travel Component –
Some of these links are to handbooks or articles that may take a while to download. Wait while the material loads on your computer.

Arizona Supreme Court Model, Planning for Parenting Time – PPWguidelines.pdf

Lucas County, Ohio, Distance Parenting Schedule – LongDistanceCourtSchedule.PDF
Tuscarawas County, Long-Distance Parenting Orders and Incidental Rules Information/LongDistanceOrder.pdf

New Hampshire Check-O Parenting Plan –
New York Check-O Parenting Plan Plan-Form.pdf
Oklahoma Standard Visitation Schedule with Forms http://


About Debra Carter

Dr. Carter is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. She is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and a Parent Coordinator. She is Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Director of the National Cooperative Parenting Center (NCPC) offering a wide spectrum of services to the Mental Health and Legal Communities as well as to families and children who are struggling with divorce related issues. She is, a frequent expert to the court, and an international speaker, lecturer and trainer on parenting in divorce. She is a consultant to the US Department of State in matters of international child custody.

Dr. Carter is the leader in the development of standardized Parental Responsibility Guidelines emphasizing the needs of children in divorce, which have been adopted and endorsed by the court. She has received numerous awards including the the prestigious “John E. Van Duzer Distinguished Service Award” from the International Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Her work can be found through Unhooked Books: