Mediation is a goal many coParents wish to achieve, in order to stay out of court and save time and money. What are a few of its main aspects?


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One main aspect of mediation is confidentiality. Rest assured, all you speak about with your mediator shall not exit those office doors. This leads to wonderful open discussions, which aim to achieve further understanding and attained goals.


Your mediator will not take sides. It’s grand neutrality. It’s a good thing, the mediator listens and works with both coParents. Trust is built, conflicts are resolved and goals are achieved.


Mediation is not litigation. coParents have chosen to be in the mediation. They’ve set an intention to make their own decisions and map out their own plan with the mediator. Nothing is forced. coParents can work together to decide the plan, instead of a judge doing it for them.

For more information on mediation, view our story, “Why Mediation Matters,” by Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth.


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