A parenting plan for a preschooler is for those children age three to five years. This is the time to allow them to play with other children and outdoors, where they will learn the most through play.

Here are some things you need to know about preschool aged children to make your parenting plan more effective.

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Children at this age learn to share and work well with others. They are also learning how to be social. This will make it easier for their transition to Kindergarten. It is advised that your plan should include time for your child to be spending time with other children.

Your plan should allow your preschooler to keep a consistent routine.

Try to make your child feel comfortable being at one or both homes. This includes allowing ample time to spend with both parents.

coParents must be prepared to switch up their plans to accommodate preschoolers. Remember, it’s all about the child and what they are comfortable doing at that time. Monitor their growth, and adjust the play time to their age and experience.

Above all, communicate without conflict. They are watching, learning and taking in the emotions of the coParents. Focus on the love!



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