With today’s increased use of electronics, children get caught up in a world of virtual reality. coParents must aim to limit the use of iPads and cell phones.

You want to make sure that your children experience the real world for two top reasons. Number one is that they can get out and get physical exercise. And number two, so they learn how to function in the real world. Kids today think that the electronic world is reality. They are not learning real skills on how to interact with people or how to speak with them. This could be whether they are with family or friends or speaking proper, in a more formal environment. Like in a job interview, kids aren’t learning this stuff anymore. So when it comes time to get a job, they don’t have the skills to be able to do it.

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By overloading on electronics, children are also not in the real world and learning how to help out mom and dad, such as with chores around the house. Then they go off on their own and they don’t know how to clean up after themselves at their own place. This virtual world is sucking in adolescents, younger kids and also babies, who are on iPads. You must try to get them off of the iPad or iPhone and to a park or outside to play and interact with other children.

This is why school can be a good thing. Especially preschool, where toddlers learn early on how to socialize, be comfortable around others and act kindly towards them. Preschool shows young children early on – within a safe and controlled environment –  that they will not be accepted or acceptable for bad behavior (not sharing, hitting or kicking other kids). Preschool also teaches endless skills of socialization. And it does not need to be full time, just a couple mornings a week shows children what a world is like with adults and kids interacting.




About Katrina Miller, MD

Katrina Miller, MD, is the Chief Medical Information Executive at LA Care Health Plan and Family Physician, Director of Medical Informatics at LA Care Health Plan. Miller resides in Los Angeles.