Following a separation or divorce, your mind is probably buzzing. All. The. Time.

It’s making and reviewing your to-do list. It’s telling you stories about everything you experience (some true, some utter crap). It’s ruminating about the past. It’s worrying about the future. It’s labeling all that happens to you as Good, Bad, Happy, Sad. It’s trying to figure out how to write your budget. You get the picture.

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Stop! At least for a few minutes, now and then, push pause. When your brain takes a break, you get a break. You have the opportunity to observe what’s going on in your life, free from judgment, stress, or labels. You have the chance to get a little grounded and remind yourself that you are important too. The real you.

Difficult to picture? Think about the last time you went to the grocery store and saw a kid there having a total meltdown. Not a temper tantrum—a meltdown. Some parents just ignore it. It’s painful to watch, right? Some parents get angry at the kid, when they are clearly tired or hungry or just need a hug. Some parents try to buy them off with a toy or treat. The point is, a little TLC is all that kid needs to regroup and get back on track.

You are that kid. Treat yourself the way you would treat that kid at the store to help yourself get back on track. How? Meditation. Coloring. Gardening. Running.

Sleeping. Mindfulness. Walking in nature. And these are just a few potential tools. You’re looking for things that bring you into the present. Not the “Oh my God my life sucks” present. The, “I need a green crayon to finish this picture” moment. The, “I need to watch where I put each footstep on this trail” present. Yes, it’s minutiae. And yes, it does help. You need to stretch yourself so you can stay flexible.


About Laura Aiello

Laura Aiello is a Divorce Strategist Coach for people who are facing the drastic life change of ending a relationship and want to do it in a holistic, growth-oriented way.

As an author and speaker, as well as coach, she believes in educating people on the decision making process, the “job” of divorce and, most importantly, how the challenges presented can be used to create a fuller, more realized life.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Laura understands the full implications of leaving a harmful relationship and the glorious opportunity that doing so can present.

Starting over from scratch in mid-life, she was able to recreate her life, rising to serve on the executive team of one of the largest fitness companies in the U.S. and eventually finding real love in a new, healthy marriage.

After parting ways with the corporate life, she took the bold step of reinventing herself yet again, getting certified as a coach and combining her love of health and wellness with her experience in high conflict divorce.

Bringing these elements together give her the unique edge her clients are looking for when faced with the end of their marriage – and the beginning of their new life.

As founder of The Divorce Strategist, Laura pulls on all your strengths, as well as turning your perceived “failures” into valuable lessons. This practical, solution based formula is the basis of her coaching practice today.

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Twitter: @DivorceCoachOC

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