We’re coParenter: a passionate, dedicated team using technology to help parents take a child centric approach through separation and divorce, improve child wellbeing and make the world a better place. We’re professionals, we’re technologists, we’re business leaders, teachers, innovators, and advocates.


But above all, we’re parents.


Jonathan Block-Verk

coFounder & CEO

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For over 20 years, Jonathan has held various senior executive positions at companies driving innovation at the intersection of media, entertainment, technology and advertising. Entrepreneurially-minded, brand-focused and results-driven, Jonathan built a reputation growing and expanding such platforms and brands as Shazam, PromaxBDA and Brunico Communications. While EVP, Shazam, Jonathan spearheaded the development of the company’s television monetization strategy and drove marketing efforts across the entertainment sector. As CEO of PromaxBDA, Jonathan led the organization out of insolvency, growing it into an international brand serving over 10k media & entertainment marketing executives with more than 30 conferences & events around the world. Prior to PromaxBDA, Jonathan was Group Publisher at Brunico Communications, overseeing the industry publications and events including Boards Magazine. Jonathan has always had a passion for social impact initiatives having held executive and volunteer roles at several non-profit initiatives and has collaborated directly with Vice President, Al Gore, MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte, creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson and social innovator, Mick Ebeling. Jonathan founded coParenter after experiencing the negative impact litigated divorce can have on parents, families and kids.

Eric Weiss

coFounder & COO

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Eric is a strategic thinker and leader who has had success building and leading teams to generate great results across non-profit, education and social impact arenas. Eric cofounded the Venice Consulting Group and was instrumental in providing leadership and direction through international acquisition and rapid growth. After an exit from VCG Eric moved into education technology, leading product design and development efforts for non-profits and clients ranging from Project Lead the Way, the leader in STEM education in the US to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and ACT. In May of 2015 Eric and Jonathan began discussing the coParenter concept, collaborating to refine and develop the idea, establish a business model and explore market opportunities for this innovative product. With the incredibly positive reception of the product from end-users, sitting & retired judges and professionals in the divorce industry, Eric decided to focus exclusively on coParenter on a full-time basis in August of 2015, cofounding the business in November of 2015 with Jonathan. Since its start in later 2015, Eric has lead the product development effort, raised seed capital and established the operational infrastructure of the new company.

Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth (RET.)

coFounder & Chief Community Officer

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Judge Sherrill A  Ellsworth ( RET)  is the Past Presiding Judge of Riverside County, a Judicial Educator and former Family Law Judge. After nearly  20 years on the bench she has earned a reputation for being a straight-forward, no-nonsense, fair judicial officer. A broadly talented jurist and settlement expert, Judge Ellsworth has effectively handled complex civil litigation cases, family law, felony criminal trials,  and general trials throughout her 25 years of lawyering and judging. Judge Ellsworth was one of the court's most respected and admired bench officers, earning the trust and revere of her colleagues and the lawyers who appeared before her. She has received many awards for her Judicial contributions and innovations over the years including  the American Business Women’s Association Woman of the Year for Judicial Leadership, J Reuben Clark Lawyer of the Year Los Angeles , California Consumer Lawyers of California Doug E Weathers Award , Western State University Hall of Fame inductee .Judge Ellsworth was a voting member of California’s Judicial Council . She was a member of the Strategic Evaluation Committee appointed by the Chief Justice . Judge Ellsworth served on various committees including the  Trial Court Budget Working Group, Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee, Family and Juvenile Law Advisory Committee, Domestic Violence Education Committee and Task Force on Self-Represented Litigants. She is a nationally recognized judicial educator on subjects such as domestic violence, child custody , family law , and child well being issues. Judge Sherrill A  Ellsworth has been working to improve families and parenting for over 20 years as a judicial innovator and educator.

Niels Hansen

Chief Technology Officer

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Niels Hansen has spent over 25 years as a senior software consultant and CTO. He has developed web and mobile applications for the Edmonton Oilers, Fox Sports, Canadian Hockey League, American Express, Rain Bird, State Farm, and several startup companies. Niels has been a speaker at Microsoft Tech*Ed, Microsoft Developer Days and the Visual Basic Developers Conference.


Dr. Neal Halfon MD, MPH

Dr. Neal Halfon MD, MPH

Founder, UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities

Forrest Mosten

Forrest Mosten

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist

M Fineberg

Mark Feinberg PhD

Research Professor, Pennsylvania State University


Hon. Nancy A. Flatters, QC, LL.M. (ADR)

Ret. Judge, Provincial Court of Alberta

(sitting in Calgary Family & Youth Court)

Mediator & Judicial Innovator

Alan Slater

CEO & Clerk of the Court, Ret.

Superior Court of California, County of Orange

J Weber

Julia Weber, JD, MSW

Consultant & Mediator