What’s the secret to successful coParenting? Actor Taye Diggs advises coParents to keep love and good health at the forefront. With flu season in full swing, this is great advice.

Diggs, 46, met up with Us Magazine last August and discussed his coParenting relationship with Idina Menzel. Diggs divorced Menzel after ten years and they coParent son, Walker, who is seven years old.

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The key to great coParenting is to provide an endless abundance of love and good health for their child, explained Diggs. Diggs believes that he grew up healthy due to the trust, love and healthy foods that his mother provided he and his family. He wants to follow in those footsteps.

Diggs believes that the love that goes into a healthy upbringing builds up the immune system. Here’s to beating the winter colds and flu!


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