The split of “Brangelina” left a trail of topics lingering across the minds of coParents worldwide.

The only people who know exactly went on behind the closed doors of the home of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is the family itself. However, there seems to be lessons to be learned.

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The heartbreaking claims of drug and alcohol abuse and child abuse and the rumors of affairs put the spotlight on how divorce can increase vulnerability.

Top three lessons we learn from this divorce is:

  1. Divorce can affect everyone, even celebrities. The after affects can leave each coParent feeling as if they have fallen apart. Fame doesn’t change that. Remember that divorce is something that others experience and that you are not alone. Wealth and privilege don’t discriminate. As you read about Brangelina, remember they are people too, who deserve empathy and support.
  2. Abuse allegations are devastating. By Brad Pitt being accused of drug and alcohol abuse – even if they turn out to be untrue – his reputation is damaged, causing complications to his divorce strategy. He’s not just now fighting for his kids, but also repairing his reputation and career.
  3. “Brangelina”‘s split was predictable: Several aspects showed the predictability of the split. First, it has been shows that celebrities divorce at twice a higher rate than others. Other factors predicting divorce included that Jolie was a child of divorce, had a prior marriage that ended and he cohabited with someone other than his mate prior to marriage.

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