So what happens when a child is highly stressed out? Stress and trauma can affect his or her ability to think and feel, which affects their behavior.

Several behaviors include:
• Delays in development
• The development of new fears
• Regressive behavior
• Separation anxiety (particularly in young children)

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• Sleep disturbance, nightmares
• Feelings of depression; angst
• Feelings of blame and guilt
• Loss of interest in normal activities
• Reduced focus and possible decline in schoolwork

• Social withdrawal
• Anger, acting out
• Self-destructive behaviors
• Excessive somatic complaints of physical ailments


What can we do to help our child escape their stress? Here is a guide on comforting your child as a coParent.


About Tangee Veloso

Tangee Veloso, Founder and Executive Director of Family Love Village (FLV), is an eco-mamapreneur, coParenting life coach, and author.

Her commitment to bringing community together with the focus and awareness around conscious and sustainable living and compassionate parenting through connection has become an ever-evolving passion. She is also the co-founder of another wonderful conscious community, A Thread of Connection, that supports families with developing deeper relationships with our loved ones based on mutual respect and authentic communication.

Tangee authored her first book, "Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles for Raising Connected and Confident Children" and has written many articles on finding ways to connect with our loved ones, our children, our planet, and just as importantly our connection to ourselves.

She is also an experienced fire performer, spoken word artist, a loving mama to her 7-year-old son and a devoted ambassador of the concept with "being the change we wish to see in the world."