How much does coParenter cost?

What is coParenting?

coParenting is a parenting approach that stresses communication and alignment between the parents. coParenting can be an effective parenting style regardless of marital status. However, when parents are not in a marriage, cohabitation, or romantic relationship with one another, coParenting can be the most effective approach to raising their children. Generally, coParents seek to maintain equal or equivalent responsibility for the child’s upbringing. At its best, coParenting is an opportunity for children of divorce to have parenting input with both parents and has been proven to lead to better psychological and behavioral adjustment, and enhanced academic performance.

What is the difference between coParenting and Parallel Parenting?

Parallel parenting indicates that the parents may not be aligned with how they raise their children and so the kids experience is different when they are with each parent. This is often the case with high conflict families, parallel parenting means parents remain disengaged from each other, separately deciding the logistics of routine, day-to-day parenting. Parallel parenting may include different rules and expectations at each parent’s home which can increase confusion among kids, especially younger kids.

Why should I coParent?

Research shows that coParenting is the leading factor in helping children thrive, especially in cases of separation or divorce. Studies show that when parents commit to coParenting, they put their children’s needs first, ensuring that kids feel secure, enjoy consistency, see diplomacy between parents and most importantly, have a model of behavior to follow.

What is coParenter?

coParenter is a management and mediation platform that helps never-married, divorced and separating parents save money, stay out of court, and make better parenting decisions for their kids.

How will coParenter help me?

coParenter can help you and your coParent make better decisions for your kids by offering management and mediation tools that not only help manage your day to day involvement with your child(ren), but also help resolve any conflicts you may have with your coParent. Using the coParenter platform you can be directly connected with mediators and other coParenter professionals to help resolve disputes in real-time. This helps you save money, stay out of court and make more child-centric decisions.

What if my coParent won’t join? Can I still use the app?

Yes, you can use the coParenter app with or without your coParent.

It is worth pointing out that coParenting works best when both parents subscribe. Each subscribing parent will maintain an organized, cohesive and secure record of all communication, attempts to resolve issues and agreements reached. Showing that you have made a ‘good faith’ effort to resolve conflict is crucial if you do end up in court- especially when arguing over attorney fees. If one parent refuses to use coParenter after a Judge has made an order to do so, they may be held in contempt. Regardless of any potential for court, coParenter is a valuable tool to assist you in making the best decisions for your children.

Can a third party/coParenter access my coParenter account?

In the absence of a court order, only the two subscribing coParents have access to information and communication on the platform.

Is coParenter available to everyone?

Yes, coParenter is available to everyone.  You can find it in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Is anything on coParenter admissible in court?

Any communication between you and your coParent may be admissible in court. Any communication between you and a coParenting Professional is deemed to be confidential and inadmissible. Unless the use of coParenter has been ordered by a Judge, nothing is admissible in court.

How does coParenter select its mediators?

All licensed practitioners, therapists, attorney mediators qualify for a free listing. All coParenting Professionals have been hand selected in the Pilots but it is your responsibility to choose to work with a coParenting Professional you feel like best meets your needs.

Is the schedule I input legal?

Schedules entered into the coParenter platform should have been agreed to or ordered prior to adding them to your profile. If you do not have an existing Parenting Time Schedule as part of a formal Parenting Plan, we recommend that you work with a coParenting professional to set-up an appropriate custody/coParenting time schedule with your coParent.

Can our parenting plan be modified through the app?

Yes, you can change or update your regular parenting schedule. For a long-term change, tap on PLAN and then coParenting Schedule to modify your Weekly / bi-weekly Schedule. To temporarily modify your existing plan, submit your new request through the REQUEST button in the app This is useful for swapping weekends or similar short-term changes to your parenting schedule.

Is communication with a coParenter professional legally privileged?

To the fullest extent possible based on legal statute and our terms of services, all communication between you and a coParenting Professional is confidential and not subject to admission as evidence. Please review our Terms of Services for specific details.

Can my kids access my account?

No, your kids cannot access your account so long as you keep your password secure. coParenter accounts can only be accessed by the username, password and apple touch ID you set up. It is your responsibility to use TouchID if you have it on your device, and to keep your access credentials secure.

How can I change my (privacy) settings?

During the Pilot, you can change your password from the login screen with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) you set up when you registered. You can also access Change Password from Settings / Application Settings. You’ll still need your PIN.

I forgot my username/password or I need to change my password

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, tap on “Reset password” on the login screen and you will be prompted to enter your username or email associated with the account and your 6 digit pin number. Once you’ve entered your information, click submit, and an email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

Is coParenter non-profit?

While not a non-profit, coParenter is, a social impact driven organization seeking to empower parents, disrupt the cycle of conflict brought on by separation and divorce, improve child well-being and make the world a better place.

Can I hire a lawyer or mediator, in the app?

During the Pilot there is no way to hire a coParenting Professional directly within the application. However, if you find a Professional you do want to establish a formal relationship with outside of coParenter, we encourage you to do so. coParenter seeks to help parents to find alternatives to litigation when dealing with everyday coParenting issues. For that reason, we support mediators, coParenting planners, coordinators, special masters and other coParenting professionals who help you to resolve disputes without litigation.

I am an unmarried parent – can coParenter help me and my partner?

Yes! coParenter provides help for all families and parents regardless of marital status. If you want assistance in coParenting, we’re here to help!

The app isn’t working – what do I do? (Support)

If you are having issues with the app, please email

Will coParenter work on my Android phone?

Yes, coParenter works on Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more.

Where can I find instructions and/or how-to videos for using the app?

How-To videos are available on YouTube. These videos walk you through the process of setting up your account and explain how each of the functionalities on the home page work.

Are professionals licensed?

Different coParenting Professionals have different licenses based on what they do. You should review their profile to be sure you’re comfortable that a given Professional is the right one to assist you.

How do I schedule an appointment with a parenting professional?

You can Get Help from a Professional on the app. You’ll be connected with the Professional you choose from the Professionals list. In the communication with the Professional you can discuss setting up an appointment to establish a formal relationship outside of coParenter.

How does using coParenter save me money?

coParenter saves you and your coParenter money by helping you resolve conflict within the app, instead of hiring attorneys and taking those issues to court.

How much does coParenter cost?

At this time, there is no charge to use the coParenter app. Once we get into production and wider release there will be a fee to use the app.