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Kids thrive when their coParents are organized.

Becoming a coParent can easily throw a lot of your life into chaos, don’t let your kids suffer because of this. Stay organized, use coParenter’s set of organization/management features to bring some order to the chaos.
Mom & Daughter on grass

To Do List

Stay on top of

Never miss a check-in during pickups and dropoffs, get behind on an agreement, or miss messages with our To-Do List. This list provides an at-a-glance view of correspondences with you coParent and your team and keeps everyone in sync and on track.


On-time child

Send a secure, non-trackable notification to your coParent every time you pick up or drop off your kids. That way, you’ll have a record of every time you and your coParent exchange the children, proving you were on time, every time. All records are easily available as a PDF printout- even if your coParent doesn’t use the app.



Our Messaging feature keeps communication between you and your coParent clear, concise, and focused on your child. All time/date-stamped messages are non-editable, securely stored, and easily available as a PDF (Self-Export Coming Soon). And in ‘SoloMode’, you can use coParenter to communicate, even if your coParent won’t!

Information Bank

All your kids info
at your fingertips.

Avoid costly, time-consuming power struggles over sharing your children’s medical, school and special needs information. Simply enter your child’s details under ‘Our Children’s Profile’ within settings and the information will synchronize to both coParent’s phones. You can even take a picture of a health card so you both have access to it in case of an emergency.


Easily track and
transfer money.

(Coming Soon) Don’t just track expenses, actually submit them to your coParent and get paid right in the app! We provide a secure, safe option to split parenting expenses that both parents agree on.

Synced Calendar

Keep in sync with
the rest of your life.

(Coming Soon) No longer do you need to keep toggling between your kids’ schedules, your work schedule, & your personal schedule. Automatically sync your child’s schedule into whichever calendar you use most. Keeping everything at your fingertips and all in one place.