Editor’s Note: Celebrities live constantly in the public eye.  Whether they seek the attention or not, it simply comes as part of the fame package.  As such, we the public are being thrown images and fed stories about celebrity lives that we may or may not be interested in.  It’s nice however, when we can peek curiously into the window of a celeb’s private life and be impressed.

Such is the case with Drew Barrymore, who sets a fine example of how to put your own personal issues aside for the sake of her children.  In the attached article, we learn how Barrymore and her ex jointly threw their child a birthday bash!

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While she’s a professional actor and some may argue that it’s easier for her to put on a show of sorts, I would argue that when it comes to our children, we’re all the same.  It’s tough for anyone to “act” in a personal situation but we do it anyway, because it’s what’s best for our kids.  Congrats, Drew!!!




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