A new nonprofit called Dads Can Too hopes to change how men are perceived when it comes to being fathers. The group aims at showing the world that fathers should be just as equally important in their children’s lives.

The Dads Can Too movement has gained momentum. It all started because a single father – Jesse West of Springfield, Illinois – wanted equal time with his son. Four years, countless court dates and thousands of dollars later, he is still fighting.

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“I started this movement because as a single father, I wanted equal time and equal rights with my son,” explained West to KidsBeforeConflct.com. “In four years I accumulated over $45,000 dollars in attorney costs. I am still fighting for equal time with my son. I continue to fight for myself and other dads. As long as the father is a fit parent, it should be equal time with the child.”

This is what inspired West to start Dads Can Too. The core values of his movement include:

  • Our children and our families
  • Equality, inspiration and honesty
  • Dedication, achievement and persistence

The goals include:

  • Deliver results
  • Make a difference
  • Honor all commitments and promises made

The advice that West has for all coParenting fathers, or those men about to embark upon a divorce or separation? “Do everything possible to stay out of court,” he said. “The only ones who oppose this 50-50 time split and getting along to make decisions without a lawyer are those who make money off of us – the lawyers, courts and judges. I also work my hardest to help the mother, by meeting her to pick up the kid.”

“What coParents need to realize is it is not about us,” West added. “It’s about the best interest of the child. The closest that you can get to a 50-50 time split is the best for the children.”

To learn more about Dads Can Too, visit their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ChildrenNeedTheirDadsToo/


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