coParenter and Court Systems

coParenter and our enterprise Professional Tool have been designed from the ground up to augment and support the important work our courts do every day to help separating, divorcing and never-married parents. Our mission is to reduce conflict in families and disrupt the pattern of repeat court appearances for parenting decisions. Our tools empower parents to make coParenting decisions without having to rely on courts and judges to make those decisions for them. Helping coParents resolve disputes outside of the courtroom means judicial officers can focus on making decisions pertaining to important economic support,  health, safety, and welfare issues. What does this mean for courts?


  • 83% of our users self-report that they did not have to re-visit and use court resources to resolve disputes solved on coParenter
  • Self-represented coParents can work with our coParenting Professionals to put temporary plans in place prior to their first court visit, helping to reduce conflict in families in those cases where they may be delayed in seeing court professionals

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coParenter can help first-time fillers to build good habits around communication and decision making. We help establish temporary parenting schedules  while documenting communication and activity.


For coParents who may be pre-judgment but working through motions, coParenter can help them with decision making and being better prepared for upcoming court visits. coParenting conflict when coParents are in the court system can be mitigated via access to online dispute resolution, freeing up your Court Services Mediators to focus on the long-term plan for that family.


In post-judgement cases where a couple may be frequent filers, using courts as super parents, coParenter offers an alternative dispute resolution model that allows your court resources to be focused where they are most needed.

What is our Professional Tool?

Imagine a tool you could give to court users that would help them document communication, capture agreements and manage everyday coParenting responsibilities. Now imagine a tool that helps your court operate at the leading edge of online dispute resolution, empowering court users to solve their own problems. In cases where a coParenting disputes need outside help to resolve, your court users can Get Help from one of our on demand professionals to resolve their parenting dispute without relying court resources.

Court Services Mediation and Self Help Desks can get access to a modern toolset to assist with parenting time schedules as well as serve as a coach to help families efficiently work through the legal separation process. Our trained and qualified staff of coParenting Professionals are there to back you up, triage issues and support families to make their own coParenting decisions.

Why Courts Recommend and Order coParenter

Online Dispute Resolution is an emerging solution to address access to justice challenges. coParenter provides your court a unique opportunity to serve your community while realizing resource and financial efficiency. coParenter is the leading online dispute resolution platform for separating, divorced and never-married parents.

coParenter’s Professional Tool enables you to help more people, more effectively and more efficiently.

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