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Between budget cuts, safety measures and COVID-19 recovery family courts are in crisis.  The coParenter ProTool will modernize courts with tools that allow court staff to help family law litigants resolve their issues earlier, more efficiently and remotely.  

Today's parents deserve a family Justice system that works for them.  One that uses readily available technology and focuses less on litigation and more on family & child well-being.  

That's why we created coParenter. 

Helping courts transition from destination to service


Connecting court users to the court and their case with tools that manage and document coParenting activity & communication.  

Integrated litigant portal with coParenting tools 

Existing staff can collaborate and work remotely with court users who no longer need to access a physical building court room.

Remote services for safer, more efficient staff

Triage, diagnose and resolve issues to divert unnecessary litigation and improve outcomes for families and children 

Improve access by serving up to 10x more court users

Former presiding and family law judge, Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth spent 20 years on the bench dealing with the same issues your court faces. 

Founded by a former judge who understands what your court is facing

  • Settlement Conferences

  • Self Help

  • Family Court Services

  • Mediation

  • Parenting/Custody Plans

  • Custody Evaluations

  • Parent Co-ordination/ Special Master

  • DV Case Monitoring

  • COVID-19 Safety Planning

Find out how coParenter can transform your family court and help you support your court users.

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A platform for judges, self help professionals, mediators and family court staff to manage, document and deliver a full spectrum of remote services. 

It's like 'tele-health' for the justice sector.  And it's available through CourtCall.

Remote Family Court Services + Integrated Litigant Portal

dedicated to improving 

Access to Justice

Safe, secure tools to help court staff manage cases remotely and deliver services including:

  • 80% of family law motions involve non-legal coParenting issues

  • 85% of litigants are self-represented

  • 30% of family litigation occurs after the final divorce decree is issued

  • In-court appearances and mediations are stressful, time-consuming & expensive

Remote staff can mediate issues, draft agreements and create parenting plans quickly, easily and far more efficiently. 

What every Family Law Judge Knows:

now available through

Kids do better 

when parents get along.