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Superior Court Judge

The coParenter App significantly improved communication and in both cases, the parties said they were getting along better than they had in years.


Officer of the Court

coParenter has been an invaluable tool that not only allows for direct oversight of communications but serves as a way to hold parties accountable


Justice is a Service

Not a destination.

Cost effective

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Budget cuts will impact every aspect of service delivery. coParenter's Remote Court Services will save your court cruicial resources. 

Existing court staff can work with litigants from anywhere to deliver far more service than they could from a physical location. 

Deployable in days, the coParenter ProTool is roles and permission based to ensure familiar and consistent workflows.

Efficient, fast and remote

Adapts to your current workflow

Reopening your family court after COVID-19 requires new thinking. coParenter is the only Remote Family Court Services that empowers your court staff to deliver a full suite of services safely, efficiently and remotely.  

And it's now available through your trusted partners at CourtCall.

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Court Recovery Strategy:

1. Decrease backlog.

2. Divert new cases. 

3. Reduce repeat litigation.