As you work as a coParent to strengthen your relationship with your child, also consider the tasks that you can perform alone (self-regulated parenting) and those it is best for both parents to work out (coordinated parenting).

The responsibility of the parents to perform some of these tasks may be designated by a court ordered parenting plan.  Implementation of coordinated parenting should be your goal if that is required in your court-ordered plan. If the coParent is highly uncooperative, concentrate on the self-regulated tasks at first.  If you detect over time that your self-centered coParenting skills are having some positive influence over the coParent, start working on incorporating more of the coordinated tasks into your parenting goals.

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About Kathleen Bird

Kathleen Bird, JD is a mediator, parent educator, former judge, and family lawyer. Her book, Self-Centered Co-Parenting, is the result of her experience working with thousands of frustrated parents to find a self-empowering method for quality parenting and decision-making.