coParenting well involves agreeing to certain conditions. This lays the foundation. The conditions are:

    • being honest with one another
    • focusing on the children
    • keeping agreements
    • avoiding old spousal issues

By having a vision of how you want things to turn out for your children, you set goals. Then coParents make rules regarding their dealings with each other that make things emotionally safe and enhance coParenting effectiveness.

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Now that the foundation has been established, parents can discuss how to:

  • share information with one another
  • design child-friendly transitions
  • build in exibility and access
  • make both homes similar for the children in the important ways
  • establish procedures for taking action, when the need arises

From COPARENTING TRAINING WORKBOOK for Separating or Separated Parents by Kenneth H. Waldron, PhD and Allan R. Koritzinsky, Esq.


About Dr. Kenneth H. Waldron

Kenneth H. Waldron, Ph.D., is a psychologist in Madison, Wisconsin, with a practice focused on divorce. His practice includes divorce mediation, coparenting counseling, custody assessment, parent education, and consultation to courts and court-connected mediation and investigation services.