What are coParenter Professional Tools?

Imagine a tool that you could give to your clients to help them document communication, capture agreements, and manage everyday coParenting responsibilities.  At the tap of a button, you’ll get a clear, organized, evidence-ready print out of parenting plans & schedules, pick-up and drop-off records, shared expenses, and time/date-stamped communication. And when your clients has a crisis, they can tap ‘GET HELP’ and connect with an on-demand coParenting professional who can help triage their issue.


If it’s a simple coParenting dispute, the professional can help mediate a resolution and document the agreement which can be shared with you for feedback and approval-All through the app. That way, you’ll always be in the loop about what your client is doing- without the hassle of having to negotiate, resolve and draft it for them.

What to Expect as a Professional User



Our mobile-first technology means that you can serve clients quickly, safely, and conveniently from wherever you are.



Offer new services and better serve tech-savvy millennials with tools that help you serve, track, and bill for your work.



Be more effective, efficient, and transparent with tools that teach clients coParenting skills and empower them to make more child-centric decisions.



Mobile tools that give you easy access to authenticated records of your client’s communication with their coParent, court-ordered or stipulated parenting plan, pick-up and drop-off times, coParenting commitments, and more.

Why Mediators, Lawyers & Therapists are Joining Every Day

Online Dispute Resolution is an emerging practice area offering a unique opportunity to grow your practice, and be a part of creating the future of this sector, help more people, more effectively and efficiently. coParenter is the leading online dispute resolution platform for separating, divorced and never-married parents.


Read our Terms of Service to learn more about coParenter’s mission, values, and opportunities for using coParenter in your practice.

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