coParenting App Features

coParenter is the world's leading app designed to help separated, divorced, and never-married parents communicate, manage, and organize everyday coParenting responsibilities. 

Scheduling - Create Customized Custody Plans

Save thousands of dollars working with an on-demand coParenting professional or use our intelligent tools to create a parenting plan, holiday schedule or custody agreement. And don’t worry if you get stuck- your coParenter Pro will explain the process, mediate disagreements, and help you make better decisions for yourself and your kids. They’ll document your final plan, synchronize it with your phone and you can even include it in your temporary or final divorce documents.

Messaging - Documented Communication

It’s always helpful to have a record of communication so you can look back to see who said what. coParenter takes it a few steps further by time and date-stamping every message and making your entire communication history easily available as a PDF printout- even if your coParent refuses to use the app! And unlike regular SMS, texting, or email- messages on coParenter are non-editable and completely secure. Messages are also protected with fingerprint, so all messages are safe and secure.

GetHelp™ - On-Demand Qualified Professionals

When it comes to resolving disagreements with your coParent, the only thing worse than waiting for your next mediation or court date is the massive costs you’ll have to pay when that day finally comes. Don’t let things build up. Tap ‘Get Help’ and be connected with a qualified, on-demand coParenting professional who’ll help mediate a child-centric agreement that will help you and your coParent get on with life. They’ll document your agreement which you can share, print, and file with a judge.

CheckIn™ - On-Time Child Exchanges

Send a secure, non-trackable GPS notification to your coParent every time you pick up or drop off your kids.  That way, you’ll have a record of every time you and your coParent exchange the children, proving you were on time, every time. All records are easily available as a PDF printout- even if your coParent doesn't use the app.

Requests - Make Changes to Your Custody Agreement

Successful coParenting is all about clear communication and flexibility. That’s why we make it super-easy to notify each other about proposed vacations, holidays, appointments and schedule changes.  If you disagree with a request you can always Get Help from a live professional who will help mediate an agreement. They’ll even document your agreement and synchronize it with your phone so you can print, share and, if necessary, use it as evidence of what you both committed to.

Kids Info - Access Important Information

Eliminate coParenting power struggles over basic medical, school and special needs information by entering details into the secure, shared info bank.  You can even take a picture of their health card or other ID so you both have access to it in case of emergency.

SoloMode™ - Use coParenter on Your Own

So, you’ve downloaded coParenter and invited your coParent, but they just won’t work with you on the app. Don’t worry-- you can still use coParenter in SoloMode™. With SoloMode™, you can easily send, receive and document messages between you and your coParent. You’ll be organized, and they won’t. You’ll even be able to get on-demand coaching from one of our coParenting Professionals. Use them to help you draft an email, propose a parenting plan, diagnose a problem and think through child-centric solutions.