Children’s books author Colleen LeMaire writes stories for children of divorce. coParents read the books to their children. to help them understand what happens when Mom and Dad divorce. This story is about having a stepdad.

I Have a Stepdad

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Once upon a time, my Mommy met a handsome man. She fell in love with him, and he fell in love with her.

One magical day, he asked my Mom to marry him. She said yes! And they asked me to be the flower girl in the wedding! It was a wonderful wedding, and he is now my Stepdad. He lives here with my Mom, and when I am here, I get to spend time with him.

His heart is so big, he loves me and my mom to the moon and back! It makes me happy to see my Mom happy. She’s the best Mom ever, and deserves a heart full of true love! My Stepdad helps my Mom take care of me. He helps me with my homework, and high-fives me when I get the answer right! He plays baseball in the backyard with me, and shows me how to be a team player.

My Stepdad loves to watch me learn. He taught me how to tie my shoes, and he helps me walk the dogs every day! Sometimes we disagree with each other, and every now and then that makes us mad! But we always forgive. We start and end each day with a smile and a kiss!

My Stepdad hugs me when I get scared. He is always there to protect me, and he picks me up if I fall down. My Stepdad made our family complete. He loves me and my Mom so much, and we love him too! He’s a great parent to me, and never forgets to be my friend, too. Sometimes we have special playdates together, and my Stepdad and I do something extra fun, just me and him!

Sometimes, he gives me and my Mom special alone time, too. I miss my Mom when I am not here, and my Stepdad gives me and her special time to be silly together. And other times, we do things as one big happy family. My favorite is playing hide and seek!

I’m a pretty lucky girl to have a Stepdad as great as mine. He will always love me, always help take care of me, and always be my friend. Pinky Promise.


About Colleen LeMaire

Author Colleen LeMaire has true life experience as a step-parent and aims to provide coParents and children with helpful advice. It all began when her life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with a handsome single dad. She was instantly thrown into the world of parenting as she was gifted an incredible stepdaughter. Colleen searched for a children's book that would help her young stepdaughter understand her life, and why it is the way it is. While she found many resources for adults going through the transition of divorce and/or remarriage, she found very little for the kids... so she decided to do something about it, and The I Have Series was born! These books provide kid-friendly stories on grown-up topics, and have helped families thrive around the world. Current titles include I Have Two Homes, I Have a Stepmom, and I Have a Stepdad. From there, Colleen plans on branching out into other "non-traditional" families as well, such as I Have Two Moms/Dads for gay parents, I Have a Guardian Angel, for children with a parent in heaven, and I Have a Half/Step-sibling. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and Colleen is on a mission to give each one their very own "Happily Ever After!"