Children’s books author Colleen LeMaire writes stories for children of divorce. coParents read the books to their children. to help them understand what happens when Mom and Dad divorce. This story is about living in two homes.

Once upon a time, I was born. I was the cutest, cuddliest baby the doctor had ever seen! Mom and Dad were so excited to meet me and take me home.

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Mom fed me my bottles, Dad was on bath time duty. I learned and grew a lot, and so did Mom and Dad. Even though we were one family, Mom and Dad had a hard time getting along. They decided as a team that they would be better people, and better parents to me, if they were just friends.

Sometimes grown-ups decide they shouldn’t be married anymore, and that’s okay. Sometimes I decide my favorite color is blue, and the next day I decide it’s red! It’s important to follow your heart, and that’s what my parents taught me to do.

And even though they weren’t going to be married anymore, Mom and Dad pinky promised they would always be my parents and love me with their whole heart.

I now have two homes, Mom’s house and Dad’s house. Mom and Dad love me so much that they take turns being with me. Having two homes means double the fun! I have a green bed at Mom’s house, and a pink bed at Dad’s house. I sleep with my purple piggy at Mom’s house, and my rainbow bear at Dad’s House.

Mom is great at painting my nails and braiding my hair. She makes me feel like a princess! Dad is great at playing card games and building forts. He makes me feel like a princess!

I feel lucky I get to spend special time with my Mom, and special time with my Dad. One time, Mom took me to a carnival! It was a great day, just me and Mom. I love my Mom so much! Another time, Dad took me fishing! It was a great day, just me and Dad. I love my Dad so much!

Sometimes having two homes can be confusing. But Mom and Dad are there for me to answer my questions. I have friends at school that have two homes, too! Some kids live with their Mom and Dad, some take turns with each like I do, some kids live with their Grandma and Grandpa, and some live with Aunts and Uncles. I’ve learned all families are different. And each family is special in their own way.

As long as there is love, you can have a family anywhere. And I know there’s lots of love in each of my homes!

Even though Mom and Dad aren’t husband and wife anymore, they will always be my Mom and Dad. They will always take care of me. And they will always love me with their whole heart. Pinky promise.


About Colleen LeMaire

Author Colleen LeMaire has true life experience as a step-parent and aims to provide coParents and children with helpful advice. It all began when her life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with a handsome single dad. She was instantly thrown into the world of parenting as she was gifted an incredible stepdaughter. Colleen searched for a children's book that would help her young stepdaughter understand her life, and why it is the way it is. While she found many resources for adults going through the transition of divorce and/or remarriage, she found very little for the kids... so she decided to do something about it, and The I Have Series was born! These books provide kid-friendly stories on grown-up topics, and have helped families thrive around the world. Current titles include I Have Two Homes, I Have a Stepmom, and I Have a Stepdad. From there, Colleen plans on branching out into other "non-traditional" families as well, such as I Have Two Moms/Dads for gay parents, I Have a Guardian Angel, for children with a parent in heaven, and I Have a Half/Step-sibling. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and Colleen is on a mission to give each one their very own "Happily Ever After!"