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Family Wellbeing & Adverse Childhood Experiences

Toxic stress has a negative impact on the health of children that they take into adulthood. How to reduce this stress when separating and coParenting. (3 min 31 sec read)

Family Wellbeing & Adverse Childhood Experiences

(3 min 31 sec read)

coParenter is a social venture intent on improving child, parent and family wellbeing by disrupting the cycle of conflict that often accompanies coParenting through separation and divorce.

Child Wellbeing

Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) have been the subject of the largest and longest research study ever conducted that seeks to monitor connections between long term well-being and chronic stress caused by exposure to childhood adversity. The study looked at multiple categories of childhood abuse and neglect and measures for household dysfunction like parental mental illness, domestic violence, substance abuse and high-conflict separation/divorce. The study started as a partnership between Kaiser Permanente and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. ACEs put children at a higher risk for emotional problems, developmental issues learning difficulties, and long-term health problems.

After more than 20 years of longitudinal and latitudinal research the ACEs Study confirms that children exposed to adverse childhood experiences experience Toxic Stress that has measurable negative impact physically, mentally and psychologically into adulthood. Unlike manageable stress, Toxic Stress forces long-term changes in brain architecture and organ systems with impact on wellbeing and reduced life outcome.

To learn more about ACEs and the ACEs Study, visit:

For more information on child development, the benefits of addressing and avoiding toxic stress, and how to build resilience – including the importance of reducing family conflict – check out the Center on the Developing Child:

By providing tools that help parents stay out of court, minimize conflict and focus on the needs of their children, we are helping parents develop new skills to be better coParents. Better coParents leads to happier children. And happier children make the world a better place.

Parent Wellbeing

Every minute a parent spends preparing for court, every dollar they spend on fees & specialists, every ounce of energy they use to to maneuver, position or gain leverage is another minute, dollar or ounce not spent with their child.

Decreasing Conflict

In high conflict families, the ability to parent effectively is impaired . Conflict can preoccupy and distract parents from their children, so much so that they can not truly attend to their children’s needs. Parenting practices such as simple coordination, management, scheduling and discipline structures become less consistent and more coercive. coParenter enables parents, even those in high conflict relationships where even the site or smell of their ex can trigger emotional responses, to have high fidelity communication, manage day-to-day parenting and reduce the potential for conflict.

Increasing Piece of Mind

Despite our best intentions, we know some parents will end up in court. That’s why we’ve designed coParenter to safely document communication and engagement between coParents with easy export for third-party review. This means judges, attorneys and validated 3rd parties can access authenticated evidence of each message, coParenting request and attempt to resolve disagreements without court intervention.

Litigating Can Make a Bad Situation Worse

In family court, it is easy to feel that no one wins…there are simply degrees of loss. While courts are adversarial by design, family courts have known for decades that mediation in family matters is key to successful coParenting after the case finishes. Courts are building on their commitment to mediation and parents deserve the tools they need to avoid a situation where they become preoccupied with demeaning, discrediting and diminishing each other through court filings, motions and proceedings. coParenter provides the tools to keep coParents on track and out of difficult court proceedings.

coParenter provides tools, insight and support that helps coParents avoid the pitfalls of conflict and court and the emotional, economic and psychological stress it forces families to endure.