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The Yogi coParent – Achieving Calmness

Feeling better about yourself as a coParent brings peace and harmony to the home and the children. One practice that teaches us how is yoga.
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Lori Denman-Underhill
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The Yogi coParent – Achieving Calmness

Feeling better about yourself as a coParent brings peace and harmony to the home and the children. One practice that teaches calmness is yoga.

As a mother of a three-year-old and a teacher at a preschool, I can speak from experience that yoga does a body good. For all coParents, a break feels great and is well deserved.

Following 18 years of yoga classes, one of my favorite instructors is the owner of Inner Power Yoga in Woodland Hills, California. Linda Pushkin-Suffin offered insight as to why yoga heals the body and soul.

“The conscious intention of slowing down, and focusing on the breath, allows us to completely detach from outside distractions and enables us to turn our awareness inward where we can create balance between body mind and spirit,” she explained to “When we realign with our true selves, we are able to let go of thoughts and actions that are toxic and perpetuate physical and emotional stress.”

If you are new to yoga, it is wise to learn that the practice, in conjunction with calm and deep breathing, releases tension from the body, as muscles stretch and unwind. As one of my favorite yoga teachers said, “Think of yoga like a trash truck. It comes in, takes the trash away from your mind, and leaves.” It’s not all about bending over and touching your toes. Yoga is for all types of people, including athletes, seniors, and even kids!

There are classes in studios and also online. They can be short or long, so there’s not excuse not to try. It may take a while to find your favorite teachers, but keep trying. It’s well worth it. It is best to discuss your preferences with studio owners, whether you are looking for a long, sweaty class that burns off tension and calories; or a more relaxing meditative class that is not so tough.

Yoga can help a coParent achieve an increased stress-free lifestyle. The goal is not to be completely stress-free; it’s good to experience the yin and yang of life. Yet, it feels really good to release pressures from everyday life.

Yoga helps calm the mind in these ways:

  1. Teaches you how to relax and breathe, especially in stressful situations. Like avoiding conflict with an ex and attending events together in peace.
  2. Clears out negative emotions, making room for happiness and confidence. It’s okay to cry in class, by the way. This rids toxic thoughts.
  3. Speaking of yoga ridding toxins, it is evident in your sweat. A good two-hour “Power Yoga” class can do that.
  4. Increases endurance. Yoga is great for high impact physical sports, including surfing and running. The heart beat grows strong and endurance increases.
  5. Oh, my aching back….. well, yoga is great to strengthen the back, which helps coParents to lift their little ones and help make work easier.
  6. Builds strength and confidence, perfect for coParenting. You’ll be the best parent, ever.
  7. Shows you that it is possible to be calm and flexible, in all situations of life. During yoga class, one is constantly inhaling calmly and deeply through the nose. When you have a few toddlers fighting over a toy, you will be more inclined to speak calmly, again, with deep breaths.
  8. Pushing through a tough pose is like pushing through a rough patch in life. When your child is upset over school, your mind is more clear to arrive to solutions.
  9. Live longer, live stronger. Yogis not only have a more healthier attitude, their bodies are solid and strong. This includes the heart, lungs, muscles and other areas of the body, including the hips.
  10. Save money. Yoga keeps the body more healthy, leading to less doctor visits, less prescription drugs and less surgeries from injuries.
  11. Care of the Self. After work, dropping off the kid at school, cleaning the house and shopping for food… don’t you think it’s time to care for yourself for once? Give it a try!