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7 Reasons To Say Yes To coParenter

Congratulations! You’ve downloaded coParenter. You are now ready to work toward a more harmonious and organized coParenting relationship.
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7 Reasons To Say Yes To coParenter

Congratulations! You’ve downloaded coParenter. You are now ready to work toward a more harmonious and organized coParenting relationship. We know how excited you are to start using coParenter’s scheduling and messaging tools with your coParent. Oh, wait. Where’s your coParent? You’ve sent them a coParenter Join Request but it’s been days and you still haven’t heard back. You’ve texted them too.  All you’ve gotten back is silence. Or a snarky comment. How frustrating! But don’t give up.

If your partner in coParenting is less than enthusiastic to try the app, focus on these ten reasons why using technology is an invaluable tool to keep your children in the center, not in the middle.

Better Communication  

With direct and secure messaging, you can communicate with your coParent in a safe online environment. Our chats can’t be altered or deleted which can help eliminate disagreements about who said what. Plus, this kind of documentation can be used by either of you in Court, if it comes to that.

So how do you sell this feature to your coParent? Try this: “coParenter has a secure messaging system. Neither one of us will be able to edit or delete these message threads so we’ll always have them to refer back to. If we ever need to go to court, we can use these message threads there as well.”


Life is busy. Life as a coParent is busier. In addition to secure messaging, coParenter provides a place to store important information about your children. Medical information like insurance cards or immunization records can be saved and accessible at any time. That means no more panic when you’ve got a sick kid on your hands but your coParent has the insurance card.

Want to highlight this when convincing your coParent to sign up? Try this: “We will always have a secure place to store important information. We’ll both have access to medical info, scheduling tools, and message archives so there’s never any confusion about what’s going on with our kids.”

On Demand Parenting Plans

Agreeing on Parenting Plans and scheduling is one of the biggest hurdles for many coParents. Easy to use FREE forms can help you create, manage and agree upon visitation, holiday and vacation schedules. Having all of this information logged, dated and verified reduces the chances of misunderstandings and oversights. Not only that, but drafting Parenting Plans via coParenter can save families time and money because this process is handled through the app and not in court. But if you ever do need to go to court, our Parenting Plans can be used in many jurisdictions.  To be sure, check your state’s requirements.

Selling your coParent on On-Demand Parenting Plans? Try this: “Would you rather spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to handle our Parenting Plan with an attorney? Me neither. This app can help us with our Parenting Plan to save money and time.”

Professional Advice 24/7

coParenter has a full team of professionals available to you. Simply click the Get Help button to be paired with the right Professional for your specific situation. They can even mediate a chat between you and your coParent if you’re struggling to see eye-to-eye. And it’s free!

Conflict resolution with one-on-one coaching or group mediation is at the forefront of our process. Anything that helps families stay out of court and spend less time in conflict benefits all.

So how do you get your coParent on board? Say this: “coParenter has a FREE feature where we can use a Professional to help us solve our problems. We can get hundreds of dollars of advice at no cost. It’s an amazing deal and I don’t want to miss out.”

Kid-Related Requests

One parent wants to take the children on a European vacation, the other wants to start soccer practices on Friday afternoons. No request is a small request. coParenter can help you reach an agreement on parental time changes, extracurricular activities, travel authorizations, expense reimbursements and more. By making these requests through the app, you can create agreements that are stored on coParenter, accessible to both of you at any time, and available for use in court depending on your state. Plus, you can do all of this without spending money on and waiting to hear back from an attorney.

What can you say to your coParent to get them into it? Try this: “By using coParenter we can eliminate the expensive middleman and make agreements about our children that are saved, accessible to both of us, and usable in court if we ever need them.”

Time Stamped Kid Exchange

Many coParents struggle with a late coParent — or being late themselves. If you’re always waiting for them or they are always waiting for you, this feature is invaluable. You can “check-in” when you arrive at the agreed upon pick-up or drop-off location. This creates a secure date and time stamped log that is archived and accessible. With a feature like this everyone becomes more accountable.

Try saying this to your coParent about the Check-In feature: “I know I’ve been late in the past and so have you. We can keep track of how well we’re meeting our schedule obligations by using this feature that help keeps us on time. And don’t worry, it’s not a GPS tracker. It only works when you click the button.”

coParenter Community Access

We know that raising kids is hard. And for more than 30 million separated, divorced, or non-married people sharing that responsibility, it’s even harder. That’s why we provide the tools and resources parents need to make the best decisions for their children. In addition, by signing up you’re automatically dialed into our community where experts share their valuable tips and tricks tailored to your needs.

Plus, we break down all of the legalese you’ll need in our Glossary of Terms. We’ll help you learn the difference between an adhesion contract, nonexempt assets, priority claims, and an exculpatory clause. Because we know wading through all of these new terms can be a daunting and confusing task.

What should you say to a resistant coParent? Try: “In addition to all of the time and money saving features I’ve mentioned to you, by signing up we’ll receive free access to expert content that can help us be better coParents. We’ll also get more information about the court process should we ever need it. And again it’s all free!”

Still struggling to get your coParent to connect? Use the coParenter app to make a Get Help request and receive one-on-one coaching for more support.