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coParenter Pricing

Your All-in-One Co-parenting Tool for less than $0.50/ day! Communicate, organize, and UNLIMITED access to our coParenter professionals. Download the app!

Our coParenter Professionals

In the coParenter app, you get UNLIMITED on-demand access to our coParenter professionals. Co-parenting help at your fingertips.

coParenter App Helping Children Thrive

The #1 coParenting App designed to help separated, divorced, and never-married parents communicate, manage, and organize everyday coParenting responsibilities.

coParenter App Tour – Video

Get a tutorial of the coParenter app and how to make the best use of all its tools.

How to Use the Mediation Feature

How to get help from a coParenter professional about coParenting issues.

How to Use the Requests Feature

Learn how to make and modify requests in the coParenter app.

How to Use the Messaging Feature

Learn where to find all of your conversations and how to use the messaging feature.

How to Utilize the “Connections” Feature

How to make the most of the “YourTeam” Feature on the app.