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Successful coParenting Strategies to Prepare Children Going Back to School

Help your children get back into the routine of going back to school with these successful coParenting strategies, from to-do charts to school visits.
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Dr. Judith Bin-Nun, PhD
An experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), and Clinical Child Psychologist Ph.D.

Successful coParenting Strategies to Prepare Children Going Back to School

Summer is almost over and kids may have had camp experiences, neighborhood playtimes, visits with grandparents, family vacations, and time away from the daily routine of attending school daily. Before school begins, four major areas need to be rediscovered to steer children toward a positive school year, a consistent home life, and a viable social and emotional life filled with self-worth, reachable goals, and steady social communication with friends. These areas provide successful coParenting strategies that will lead to your children’s overall well-being. While this is not a comprehensive list it touches some of the main bases.

Let’s take a look at the 4 Areas:

  1. Emotional/Spiritual
  2. Social relationships
  3. Family responsibilities
  4. Academics

coParenting Strategies to Prepare Your Child’s Well-Being

Let’s first discuss coParenting strategies that can prepare your child emotionally and spiritually for going back to school. It is important to teach your child to be good to him/herself. Have your child set the course of each day with something positive to accomplish. Set a goal explicitly and write it down. Hang it on your child bulletin board. It can be an academic, social, or internal/emotional goal.

Teach them to wake up and spend five minutes meditating on an uplifting principle that will set the course of each day. For example, they might say to themselves, “I am worthy,” “I can ask for help when needed,” I know how to be a good friend,” or “I am honest.” Remind your child to keep the thoughts positive.

A morning to-do chart is a helpful tool to be posted in your child’s room (limit this to 4-5 steps so that it’s not overwhelming). For example, wash up, get dressed, pack your backpack, eat breakfast, and place your dishes in the sink.  Tailor this list to what your family needs. Some families have needs around chores to help with the morning routine (feeding the dog or cat, bed making etc…). These particular coParenting strategies for your child’s to-do list may also change, depending on your child’s age.

Whether your child is with mom or dad, one of the best coParent strategies is to have a technology-free morning: no TV, tablets, and cell phones or the like for ALL family members. Just focus, be positive, and have your child get into the car, carpool, or bus to school. Help your child to get to school without the rush of the morning hustle and bustle so that he/she can start the school day in a positive frame of mind.

If your child is attending a new school, ask the school for a planned tour or visit. If that option is not available, drive by the school with your child—maybe even ask some school “veterans” to join you for a visit to their familiar school grounds. Plan out your child’s school wardrobe together. Take them shopping if needed. If they wear uniforms, do some fittings to see what sizes are realistic as your child will have growth spurts. Have your child pick out something new (even a little homemade necklace or keychain) to wear on the first day. Go backpack shopping along with the attendant school supplies (make sure the school provides a list).

With these coParenting strategies, you will be able to help your child to feel comfortable, safe and ready to begin the school year with enthusiasm.

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