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Rock Star Parenting

The timelessness and agelessness of rock stars is demonstrated in the fact that they continue to father children into their 60’s and 70’s.
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Heather Feldstein
Is a proud mom of two amazing kids and is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. Heather’s blogs and articles about co-parenting and not only surviving through but thriving after divorce have been featured in papers and online magazine publications including the Huffington Post.

Rock Star Parenting

Let’s face it; parenting is tough.  It tests us and sometimes pushes us to limits we didn’t know we had.  It’s rewarding and beautiful and the most important role we can play is that of a parent, but it’s not easy.  Whether you’re doing it all alone, coParenting with an amicable or not-so-amicable ex, whether you’re in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, the constant with parenting is that it’s tough.

Mick Jagger is doing it all over again … at age 72! My dad always said that the best thing about parenting was getting to be a grandparent.  Sure, he was calmer, had a more balanced outlook and perspective, but let’s face it.  He could take the kids out, spoil them, buy them all the ice cream they wanted, and then drop them off at home just in time for the sugar high and the tummy ache to kick in.

Rock stars not only create ageless and timeless music but they seem to be ageless and timeless themselves.  It may have a little something to do with the younger partners they have chosen in their later years, but there’s something magical and admirable about Mick Jagger who’s becoming Daddy for the seventh time at age 72, or Billy Joel whose beautiful daughters are close to 30 years apart. And while Billy Joel told us that “Only The Good Die Young,” he hasn’t quite given us his secret to how the good stay young.

I for one, find this trend to be fantastic and admirable!  Lucky kids and lucky parents! And if they grow up with their Daddy’s talent, then lucky us too!