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Resources for Single Co-parenting Dads

If you are a single co-parenting dad searching the internet for insight, resources and general knowledge, you’re not alone. Here are some great resources.
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Dave Chartier
A single co-parenting dad, a freelance writer and former syndicated dad blogger with work published in USA Today, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

If you are a single co-parenting dad searching the internet for insight, resources and general knowledge ~you’re not alone. Pew Research Center puts the number of single dads at around 2.6 million and rising. And chances are if you’re looking for answers you are not simply interested in how to be a father but how to be a good dad. There’s a difference.

While the majority of single parents in the U.S. are mothers, single fathers face unique challenges with less readily available services. Characteristically, men are less likely to ask for help. With the timeless “I got this” attitude (seriously, when was the last time you looked at directions to do ANYTHING).

As we know, father involvement is crucial to the development and well-being of children. Single co-parenting dads have a special opportunity to provide their children with emotional support, self-esteem, and life skills. Single fathers can seek help and support from programs that help them understand and value their role.

I personally have gained great insight from these sources and in some cases built healthy alliances with the moms and single mom sources out there. But the parenting online landscape is evolving and resources that speak to dads’ unique challenges continue to emerge.

Aside from your local resources or circle of dads (friends and family), some of which may be married some may be single, you may seek a sounding board or a listening ear. There are a few solid resources to know about; Fatherly and The Good Men Project come to mind.

Another resource for single dads to consider is taking a parenting class. Some may think this is an odd one but there are many side benefits to taking a course, as well. These workshops may give you the opportunity to meet other parents/dads in your area, become a more educated, purposeful and confident dad. Consider connecting with other dads and/or parents via MeetUp groups in your area. Our advice on this is to make sure the meetings are being facilitated by a certified professional so conversations are guided and meaningful.

Having been an active syndicated dad blogger for many years (metaDad) there are now quite a few dad blogs and podcasts to consider. As you can imagine, like with the mom blogger universe there is a large variety based on interest (fitness, religion, humor, food, etc.).

Here are some good podcasts to consider:

Beardy Dad Podcast – Two UK Dads post a weekly podcast and talk about a wide variety of topics of interest to fathers. Note; recorded a few years ago but a worthy listen.

The Modern Dads Podcast – Chronicling modern fatherhood experiences, decisions, joys, and difficulties associated with parenting and fatherhood.  These real-life stories are really compelling and help me learn a lot about what other dads are going through and how their experiences can help others as well.

Life of Dad – Tommy Riles and Art Eddy host an episode every week or so and interview a well-known father and share their thoughts about fatherhood.  Some of their podcast interviews get interesting Dad POVs from Shaquille O’Neal, Kurt Warner, Ice Cube, and Cal Ripken, Jr.

Other worthy resources:

National Fatherhood Initiative

The Fatherhood Project

VeryWell Family


Single Dad Support Groups; What You Need to Know | Fatherly

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