Resolving Co-parenting Issues with coParenter Mediators

No matter how big or small you perceive your conflict, our mediators are skilled, trained & capable professionals that help you see problems through a new lens.
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Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth (RET)
Judge Ellsworth was one of the court's most respected and admired bench officers. She retired from the bench to focus on having a greater impact on today’s families by making our courts more accessible, effective, and efficient.

Our mission is to help you with your divorce and co-parenting relationship. We provide you with professional mediators (who would typically cost hundreds of dollars an hour) that help you resolve disputes with your coParent.  We make these services available at a drastically more affordable price point to help more families. Each and every month we give you unlimited access to these professionals whenever you need it. 

So what can you ask our mediators in a one-on-one session or a mediation session with your co-parent? Here are just a few of the topics we’ve addressed with users:

  • Explaining ‘First right of refusal’ in parenting plans 
  • Saving for the child’s college tuition
  • International Travel plans and taking the child out of the country
  • The child’s birthday party planning and logistics
  • 3rd Party Contact
  • Choosing Caregivers
  • Disagreements over Haircuts
  • Planning Vacations
  • Exchanging and changing Holiday Schedules
  • Choosing which school to send the kids to 
  • When should kids start dating and what are the rules
  • Should you give the child an allowance and how much
  • Addressing dietary and nutrition needs of the child
  • How much screen time a child should have
  • What media content a child should be exposed to
  • How to balance religion between two homes
  • Talking about medication changes for the child
  • Exposure to tobacco and alcohol in the home
  • Exposure and access to drugs inside and outside the home
  • How to discipline the child 
  • Addressing adolescent changes 
  • Should the child go to camp  
  • Tattoos/Piercings for older children
  • Emotional or physical well being of a child
  • What sports and activities the child should do
  • Extra-curricular activities 
  • Pick up & Drop off routines and adjustments
  • Negotiating a curfew in both homes
  • What religion should the child practice

… And more!

coParenter Mediators, made up of retired family law judges and professional mediators with clinical graduate degrees, are ready to help our users sort through everyday issues to help them create parenting agreements that work. Through one-on-one coaching and multi-party mediation, our pros get parents on the same page so they can quickly, easily, and legally solve parenting problems.

It’s very common for co-parents to struggle with communication. They often find it difficult to reach an agreement without emotions flaring up, especially in the early stages of separation and divorce. Our mediators understand what you’re going through and how important the issues are to parents like you. Our team has dealt with almost every parenting issue you can imagine and are equipped to help you and your co-parent reach an agreement you can both live with.

Parents want what’s best for their child, but sometimes emotions or lack of trust make coming to an agreement a real challenge. coParenter’s team of mediators use our unique platform and mediation model to help parents communicate better, work through decisions, and make child-centric parenting agreements.

How to get the most out of your one-on-one coaching session?

One-on-one coaching is more than just a mediator being there to listen to you when you need to vent. They point out alternative solutions and communication models so you can actually take charge of those things you personally have control over. Coaching may help you better articulate your position as we work on the way you make a request or react to any given action of your co-parent.  A coaching session can walk you through different scenarios while reframing the issues that raise the biggest concerns. Maybe you feel like your coParent doesn’t listen to you or deliberately undermines you in front of your kids. Coaching you through a series of positive and assertive messaging practices will help you learn how to communicate and be firm, without being disrespectful. We love seeing how our users are able to transform their relationships, using positive communication models to generate great agreements for their kids.

No matter how big or small you perceive your conflict or inability to communicate and resolve issues, coParenter Mediators are skilled, trained and capable professionals that will help you see the problem through a new lens while giving you real tools and how-tos for more effective co-parenting.

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