Registering for coParenter & Connecting with your coParent

Find out how to register for coParenter.

There are many ways to register for coParenter. If you register with Facebook or Google we won’t store a password, you’ll rely on their secure encryption, and no new password needs to be created. If you sign up by using any email address and creating a password, that password will be stored in a cloud environment that is also encrypted using the latest security standards but you will have to remember your specific coParenter password each time to login.

Here are the steps to register on coParenter:

Download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Follow the prompts through our set up wizard. You are not required to add your coParent or children’s info all in the beginning you can always add it later and modify as needed.

If you hit skip on the “Invite your coParent” screen but want to invite your coParent after registration:

Click on “Connections”
Click on “Add Connection”
Select “coParent”
Fill in your coParent’s info and click “Send Invite”

If you were invited by your coParent onto the app:

Look in your email to find the “invite code”. If you haven’t done so already, download coParenter and go through the steps to register (do not enter in your coParent’s info just hit the skip button).

Go to the menu screen and at the very bottom click on settings. From the settings menu click on “Enter Code”.

Enter in your “Invite Code”

You can use a different email to register if you want to change from the one your coParent used to invite you as long as you have the invite code from them (this will not be shared with your coParent, the information that you add for your own profile is private).

If you hit skip on the “Create your child’s profile” screen but want to add or change the information:

Open the menu screen and click on the “Kids” option (bottom right).

Hit the “+” button to add your first child or modify info that you need to by selecting the field that needs to be changed.

Click “Create your Kid’s profile”
Enter in your kids’ info
Modify any info that you need to