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Now There’s Unlimited Access to coParenter Professionals

Subscribers on the coParenter App now get UNLIMITED access to our qualified coParenter Professionals for all your co-parenting needs!
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Starting today, we have lifted the credit limit so all paying subscribers on the coParenter App now get UNLIMITED access to our qualified coParenter Professionals for any and all co-parenting concerns.  

Why is this change better for you?

Now you can use the GetHelp feature whenever you need it. We’ve done this by removing the credits system from all subscription levels.  

  • Need help drafting a text message? No charge.
  • Need a second opinion on a co-parenting issue or just have a co-parenting question or concern? No charge.
  • Need some help resolving a dispute between you and your co-parent about your child? No charge.
  • Require assistance drafting your Parenting Time Schedule? No charge.

We understand issues arise and we want to help you and your co-parent work through issues and keep your kids in the center of your decisions not the middle of the issue.

Who are our coParenter Professionals?

Our coParenter Professionals include therapists, social workers, and mediators who are certified in their respective fields.  In addition to their professional qualifications, they are overseen by our coFounder, Hon. Sherrill A. Ellsworth (RET.), a former Superior Court Family Law Judge with 20 years of experience on the bench.

Why did we do it?

  • We feel obligated by our core mission to remove any barriers for co-parents to get the help they need when they need it.
  • We don’t want a conflict that has already escalated to be worsened by a disagreement over who is going to use their credits.
  • We wanted to get rid of the confusion over the usage of credits.
  • We feel our qualified coParenter Professionals can help more co-parents stop small issues from becoming larger ones if they are utilized more.