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Intentional Co-parenting: One Parenting Team, Lots of Love

Co-parenting is an approach that we think should be a serious consideration for anyone no matter what your family dynamic may be.
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Co-parenting is an approach that we think should be a serious consideration for anyone no matter what your family dynamic may be. Co-parenting means you have made a pact with your co-parent and your extended family to work as a team, perhaps set aside your differences for the sake of the child and keep your decision making based on what is best for the child. Some may read this and think this sounds like straight-up  ‘parenting’. Yes, it is but we are not bringing into account all the various conditions and configurations of the partnered parenting mix (ex. surigate>father’s, mother>father, mother>mother/father>father, etc.) and all the daily challenges therein.

You can begin to understand there are a plethora of parenting situations that may appear ‘liquid’ by traditional standards yet all strive to provide children a healthy, happy and accepting atmosphere. This is not to assume there is complete harmony, there will be drama. We know this all too well.

Drama happens in any family.

Consider co-parenting as a parenting approach that allows you to keep children out of the middle (of issues) but at the center (of your decisions), answering the question; ‘how does it benefit the child?’. We know a little something about this because this is what we do every day, as co-parents ourselves and as a co-parenting app and service provider. We help co-parents stay on the same page. We realize there are a lot of moving parts in parenting across two homes as one family: shared expenses, exchanging the children, coordinating schedules and vacations, this list goes on and on.

One of our biggest and best feature gives you unlimited access to tap into a co-parenting professional to answer questions or help you resolve an issue when it arises. In some cases, they can draft a formal agreement that can then be enabled in the app with reminders to both parents. If you have a co-parenting situation that has experienced conflict and you want to consider a way to resolve them quick and easy, you may want to consider downloading the app. It has already saved co-parents thousands of dollars and kept them out of the court system. Consider us as part of your co-parenting team.

Additionally, in the app, you can build your co-parenting team in ‘Connections’. You can invite whoever you need; your nanny, therapist, grandmother, extended family, etc. Once they’re in the app you have the freedom to create custom chat groups and connect with coParenter Pros, if need be. This keeps everyone on the same page and reduces friction.

You do not need to have a high conflict parenting situation to benefit from an app like this. The coParenter app provides a robust set of tools that simply helps you keep track of all the moving parts of raising a child: GPS-assisted child exchange feature, tracking shared expenses, storing key child documents in a shared file system, private chat with a language filter to keep everyone’s tone in place, interactive shared family calendar and access to our coParenter Pros to help you through issues on your own or in a group chat setting with your co-parent.

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