How to Use the Expense Feature

Learn to make and use the expense feature in the app.

We all know expenses can be a source of conflict between coParents, we’ve designed this to make business-like requests and get a commitment documented from your coParent. The payment due date will show up in both your schedules once both agree to the expense (hit accept). An expense log can be an agreement for future expenses, or a request to reimburse past purchases. Parents can amicably discuss the percentage of costs via our messaging platform or reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

To use the Expense feature:

  • Click on the menu icon at the top left-hand side and click on the Expense tab.
  • Click on the “(+)” to  “Create New Expense” on the bottom of the page.
  • You can chat with a coParenter Bot who will prompt you to specify the details of your expense (i.e. allocation of payment, type of expense, due date, etc.). Answer each prompt as thoroughly as possible so as to avoid miscommunication.
  • Once an Expense is submitted, your coParent will be notified and able to access it on their device.  
  • Your co-Parent will have the opportunity to thoroughly review the Expense before either agreeing, disagreeing or asking for more info. When an Expense is agreed upon, the Expense will be automatically documented so users can conveniently track payments, due dates, and allocation of expenses.
  • If terms are not agreeable, you may choose to modify the agreement by selecting the disagree button. Be sure to state the reason for the disagreement in dialog box provided. And if you have exhausted all negotiations you can Get Help from a coParenter professional to mediate your agreement.