How to Use the Check-In Feature

How to document and use the check-in feature on the app.

When picking up or dropping off your kid(s), use the Check-In feature to document the location and time/date you arrived. Please note your Check-In information will not be automatically shared with your Team Member(s)/coParent. Our application only takes a snapshot of your GPS location when you utilize our Check-In feature, so your location is never tracked.

To use the Check-In Feature:

  • Locate the menu icon on the top left-hand side, find and click the Check-In tab.
  • Once you’ve arrived at your agreed upon exchange location, Hit the “Add Your Location” option at the bottom.
  • Your location/address will be documented through our secure, non-trackable GPS feature.
  • In the dialog box provided, include your notes on the exchange and/or notify your coParent if you are running late.
  • (Optional) To share your Check-In location with a coParent or team member, choose the “Check-in with” feature and allow your team members and/or coParent to view your check-in locations.