How to bring all your co-parenting communications into the coParenter app

Your coParent can’t or won’t connect with you on the app? Not to worry, here is how to get them on SoloMode™

Here is how to message a coParent who won’t install the coParenter App:

coParenter allows you to connect and message with a coParent that can’t or won’t download the app.

From the home screen (To-Do List Screen) Click on the menu button at the top left corner. Once there follow the steps below:

The SoloMode™ icon lets you know that your coParent is connected to you in the app but they are not using the app themselves.

Additional Information:

  • Until your Ex accepts the invite via text, they will show up on the Connections page as pending.
  • You will not be able to communicate with your Ex in the app until they have accepted your invitation through the text that is sent.
Anyone that you connect with that hasn’t installed the app DOES NOT have access to calendar appointments, child info, expenses, parenting time schedules, etc.