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How to Look for a Divorce Coach

What is a divorce coach and who needs one? Read on to learn what a Divorce Coach can do for you.
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Heather Feldstein
Is a proud mom of two amazing kids and is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. Heather’s blogs and articles about co-parenting and not only surviving through but thriving after divorce have been featured in papers and online magazine publications including the Huffington Post.

A divorce coach is a specially trained divorce professional who can help guide you through your divorce so you can make better choices for yourself and your family.

When you are thinking about, or going through a divorce, a divorce coach can help you understand what you are facing, understand your options, and decide what will be best for you and your kids. If you already are divorced, a divorce coach can help you deal with your ex spouse in a more constructive way and give you the tools to create the life that you want for you and your children.

Do I Need a Divorce Coach?

If you are confused about the divorce process and want to understand how it works, a divorce coach can tell you that. If you don’t know how to hire and manage a divorce lawyer, and are afraid that you are going to end up with a lawyer who makes your divorce worse instead of better, a coach can help you learn to deal with your lawyer. A divorce coach can also make you aware of your options and explain these various options to you.  If you are worried that you are going to end up getting financially devastated in your divorce, and want to explore how to save money in your divorce, a coach can work with you on that.  Your coach is your resource for all things related to your divorce.

Here are some of the other things a divorce coach can help you do:

  • Communicate with your coParent
  • Focus on what is important to you
  • Decide what divorce process (divorce mediation, litigation, collaborative) is best for you
  • Get though your divorce without in a healthier way for you
  • Save time and money in your divorce
  • Work out co-parenting issues with you and your ex
  • Prepare for mediation, court or any other divorce proceedings
  • Provide you with tools to help you find the life that you want for you and your children

For more information, visit http://collablawil.org/collaborative-team/divorce-coach/

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