How a Co-Parenting App Can Make You Happier

Divorce and conflict can take a serious toll on your mental, emotional, and financial health! This is why we created the coParenter app’s Get Help feature.
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How a Co-Parenting App Can Make You Happier

Divorce and the conflict that can come with it can take a serious toll on your mental, emotional, and financial health! It’s not easy starting a new life as a coParent. Changes in your living arrangement, financial and relationship status are compounded by the fact that you have little people to raise. ALL of this can negatively impact your self-esteem, confidence, and your ability to successfully parent your kiddos. This is exactly why we created coParenter. Because even the best coParents need a little help from the professionals at times.

Not only can coParenter help you by improving your communication skills and keeping you organized but did you know that coParenter offers on-demand professionals who will help you through even the most difficult situations? Let’s explore some of the many ways the coParenter app can help you.

You Were There When You Said You’d Be (and can prove it!)

Instead of keeping greasy time and date-stamped receipts from coffee or French fries to prove you’re on time, simply “Check-In” on coParenter to notify your coParent that you’ve arrived. Our Check-In feature is the perfect tool to demonstrate that you take child exchange times seriously. It’s an accurate, non-editable, and way healthier than fries! Plus, you can prove that you respect your coParent and your children’s schedules by utilizing this feature any time you exchange your kids!

You Actually Said What You Meant (and can prove it!)

Our secure messaging feature is the perfect place to communicate about child-related expenses, responsibilities, and issues. These messages can’t be edited or deleted and they’re easily accessible if a judge or mediator needs to see them. Plus, our language filters will help keep you (and your coParent) be on your best behavior! And that means a LOT if you do end up in court. After all, the only thing the judges we know appreciate more than simple, verifiable evidence is when parents communicate respectfully.

You Did Your Best

The very purpose of our app is to help coParents be the best coParents they can be. By using it, you’re demonstrating your commitment to doing just that. You’ll be able to prove you sent the messages, made it to the pickup points on time, attempted to create a Parenting Plan, and even worked with our professionals to resolve differences with your coParent. Most judges like to see that parents put forth their best efforts at working through conflict on their own.

You Even Got Help

With coParenter, you have mediation professionals available to you in the palm of your hand. They’re ready and able to help you work through some of your most challenging coParenting situations. By using the Get Help feature, you’ll be able to show the court that you sought assistance from professionals to help you work together with your coParent! And proving that you tried “in good faith” to work out your issues BEFORE running to court can go a long way with a lot of judges.


coParenter can help you document responsibilities, communication, location Check-Ins, and your attempts to be the best coParent you can be! While we designed coParenter to help parents put their children first and avoid going to court over everyday coParenting issues, we’ll help you stay organized and ready in case family court becomes your only option.

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