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Getting your Ex On-board with the coParenter App

Getting your ex on board with the coParenter app will help you make better coParenting decisions for your kids. (2 min 12 sec read)

Even happily married couple fall into traps were spouses keep different calendars, have different ideas of what expenses are and lose track of requests. As you may already know they get compounded when separated and/or divorced and trying to coParent. Things escalate quickly and may become ‘worthy’ of going to court.

We realize you can hire expensive professionals and even wait up to 18 months to have a judge make decisions for you, OR you can download the coParenter app and start working directly with a live, on-demand coParenting professional to discuss, create, and establish a comprehensive coParenting time schedule plan that will sync directly to your phone.  We’ll make the plan easy to follow and file with your local court and you will always have access to it in your coParenter app.

Secure Documented Messaging

One of the keys to successful coParenting is maintaining and documenting clear, kind, business-like communication.

Not only can our professionals coach you towards more polite conversations with your coParent, but our app will time/date-stamp, document, and securely store every message you send/receive. That means nothing can be edited or manipulated, and all messages will be available to you wherever and whenever you need them.

Mean communications can come back to haunt you (in some states, sending an unkind email or text can be considered abuse), language filters in the messaging app help protect you from sending messages you may regret later.

Custom coParenting Schedules

Creating or amending a parenting time schedule on the app can help you and your coParent avoid headaches and miscommunications while saving you money and avoiding delays. To move forward on your coParenting journey, you’re going to need a parenting plan, which typically includes a parenting time schedule, holiday/vacation plan, and a list of agreements or conditions that you both agree to.

Working with your coParent to create or adjust your parenting time schedule can be filled with emotion. Aside from the benefits above, inviting your coParent to use the app can provide a safety net to avoid making decisions driven by your emotions.

Verified Check-ins and Child Drop-offs

Send secure location pins to each other every time you pick up or drop off your kids. You’ll both have a verified record of each pick-up and drop-off, showing the exact date, time & location of your exchanges. No more “he said, she said”.

Remind your coParent to download the app so that both of you can:

  • Create custody and holiday schedules
  • Work directly with a coParenting professional
  • Make documented agreements
  • Sync schedules with your coParent
  • Make change requests directly from your phone

Helping you focus on what’s most important… your children!