per month

All features +
20 Credits/month

per year

All features +
240 Credits
Both coParents

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All features +
240 Credits/per user

How does using coParenter save me money?

coParenter saves you and your coParent money by helping you resolve conflict with an on-demand coParenter Professional

Are coParenter coaches/mediators licensed?

All coParenter Professionals are fully licensed in their respective fields and are either a mediator, therapist, or retired Judge.

What if my coParent won’t join? Can I still use the app?

If your coParent is unwilling to join, or you’d prefer not to have them on the platform, we have SoloMode.

How do you protect my privacy?

We use biometric (fingerprint) access if your device supports it and your password is stored in an encrypted database.

Is any of my personal information shared with my coParent?

No, your personal information is never shown to your coParent. 

What is coParenter?

coParenter is the first app built on the Intelligent Dispute Resolution (IDR) platform and was specifically designed for separating, divorced and never-married parents.