How do you protect my privacy?

We use biometric (fingerprint) access if your device supports it and your password is stored in an encrypted database.

We use biometric (fingerprint) access if your device supports it. We store your password encrypted in our database to ensure protection in case of any sort of intrusion. We use industry best practices for our infrastructure to help ensure your privacy is protected.

We don’t share your information with your coParent even if you are using SoloMode. Even when messaging via the app, the phone number that your coParent sees via the text message is a coParenter phone number.

We also do not share location information. The only location information that is exchanged between coParents is when you check-in for pickups and dropoffs. We use non-trackable location verification from your phone to allow you to check-in once you have arrived and a notification of your arrival will be sent to your coParent.