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Screen Time Rules for Your Kids

It is wise for mom and dad to establish healthy habits when it comes to digital media
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Lori Denman-Underhill
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Screen Time Rules for Your Kids

Who do children look up to? Their parents of course. It is wise for each coParent to establish healthy habits at home when it comes to digital media, states a recent finding this month by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

At a recent conference in San Francisco, the AAP discussed healthy limits for children, regarding their use of digital media. They discussed new regulations and suggestions for 2017, including tips for parents on creating limitations.

Top concerns included limiting screen time to two hours on digital media (iPad), turning off the television and shutting down laptop computers during the evening. The AAP also suggests that parents take inventory of their cell phone use and try to put the phone down and engage, in order to decrease irritable behavior in the kids.

Intimate bonds are built between coParents and children with family time, one-on-one, such as sitting down for dinner together with the child. Keeping the cell phone away from reach is key. Having healthy conversations between the family stimulates and improves the development of the child. Another suggestion includes keeping all digital media in a common place area in the home and out of the kids’ bedrooms.

The AAP suggests reading more into the subject and visiting