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Save Time and Money by Using coParenter to Create a Parenting Time Schedule

I saved tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours using the coParenter App to make parenting time and holiday schedules instead of going to family court.
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Grace McSpadden
Grace McSpadden is a novelist and film producer living in Los Angeles.

Save Time and Money by Using coParenter to Create a Parenting Time Schedule

Going to court for child custody isn’t a fun experience, I can definitely vouch for that. It’s a fun-filled day spent in family court going back and forth with your coParent. All to be told by a judge what is best for your kids. Shouldn’t we be able to work this out on our own? After all, we are the parents.

That thought went through my head then and it continues to go through my head now. Our kids are approaching their teenage years and schedules have changed. They have band practice and sports schedules that we both have to account for. Also, I have a new job and am unable to pick up the kids on certain days. In order for us both to have ample time with the kids, we need to make changes to the custody agreement. So, back to family court we go! Time to spend countless hours in court and spend thousands of dollars… AGAIN!

I thought the second time going to family court would be easier, but boy was I wrong! My ex and I couldn’t agree on anything and we bickered back and forth about the smallest details, as always! Not only was I unhappy with the outcome of the new custody agreement, but the judge also ordered us to use a coparenting app. She said it was needed due to the lack of healthy communication and decision making on behalf of our kids. I was beyond frustrated at this point. I didn’t need an app to help me be a good parent.

A few days later, I sat down to watch my favorite show and download this coParenter App the judge ordered us to use. Since this was my first time using it, I wanted to share my favorite 5 features with you.

  1. The app connects with both me and my ex (or you can use it solo)… so all of our communication would be straight from app.
  2. There is a messaging feature where you can text or email one another and all information is date/time stamped with a read receipt. Messages also can’t be deleted. I think this was my favorite feature as my ex was a savvy message deleter. If that’s even a word?
  3. All communication/texts/messages can be printed really easily… and in order! I didn’t have to go through all my emails and texts to find our conversations and print them all individually. This literally saved me 10+ hours.
  4. There is also a feature to make your own parenting time and holiday schedules. A mediator helped me and my ex negotiate a schedule that worked best for us even though we already had a court-ordered custody agreement. Since we both agreed to the new schedule, the mediator documented it and made it into a living breathing document for us. No more going back to court to come up with a new custody schedule. I wish I knew about this feature a year ago when this all started!
  5. All information syncs with both of our calendars so we receive notifications for special events, rehearsals, practices, vacations, school schedule changes, pick-up, and drop-offs, etc. Love this!

The best part of using the coParenter app, besides saving a ton of money and time, is that I have a say in what happens with my children, not a judge or anyone else.

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