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Co-parenting Tips for a Happy Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for children & parents alike. Let’s try to keep it that way even in your co-parenting relationship, with these tips.
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Lori Denman-Underhill
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Halloween is an exciting time for children and parents alike. Let’s try to keep it that way even in your co-parenting relationship, with these ‘tricks’ for coParents. First of all, remember that this holiday is for your children. Keep the eye on the prize – the children, and making them happy. As a co-parent, work your hardest to keep a smile on their faces.

Tips for a Happy Halloween:

  1. Share the Night: A child who gets to go trick or treating twice is the envy of the neighborhood. Both co-parents will also receive special amounts of times with their little ones, allowing for increased bonding time. Plan the evening, starting early. (On a personal note, I will advise to also eat a full, early dinner and bring a lot of healthy snacks for the night). Once you do one neighborhood, drive to the next.
  2. Put Aside Differences for the Night: Tonight is special.  To keep a smile on your child’s face, aim at attaining a smile on your co-parent face. This will make the night go by fast and smooth.
  3. Plan Ahead for Less Stress: Speak with your child’s co-parent about this special holiday and if they want to participate or not. Schedule times for drop off and enough time for walking around neighborhood, packing for the walk and eating beforehand.
  4. Pack It Up and Prepare: Pack up snacks, drinks and jackets. And flashlights. Think about the entire night and what is needed.
  5. Can’t We All Just Get Along?  If one parent is out for the night, split up holiday activities. One can spend time with the child on October 30, decorating, going to a pumpkin patch and carving a pumpkin; and the other parent can spend time on the 31st, trick or treating.
  6. Leave the Choosing to the Parents: Depending upon who wants to lead Halloween night, allow that co-parent to lead and the other follows. Do not ask the child to choose which parent to spend time with.
  7. Understanding: Be as giving as possible and try to split up duties and activities. Be fair and understanding to the other coParent. Perhaps, he or she does not like Halloween and that’s okay. Be forgiving and remember, keep your child in mind. It’s THEIR NIGHT!
  8. Check the Treats: Remember to schedule in time for one or both co-parents to comb through the child’s bag of treats, for safety reasons.

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