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How I Find Fun Events to Keep My Children Busy 

coParents often struggle finding things to do with their kids, especially if you only have them on weekends. Here is a list of activities to do with your kids.
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Ashley Marshall
Ashley is a millennial mom to 3 beautiful children ages 12, 10, and 8. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for over 16 years.

How I Find Fun Events to Keep My Children Busy

My children keep a schedule filled with educational activities weekly. When I became a stay at home mom 12 years ago, I knew that I wanted to have an active lifestyle with my children. Recently I had several of you reach out to me asking how I find out about events around the city, and how I find things for my kids to do. Every month, at the beginning of the month I put events on my calendar. There are things that happen every week, and then special events that I’m interested in attending, I put them on the calendar. We may or may not make it to every event, but I have a loose plan for the month for what we’re doing.

Here’s How I Find Events:

Facebook Events tab

Facebook has an events tab. That tab actually shows you what events are happening in your area based on your preferences that the app picks up. So when I click on the events tab, I will see various educational events geared towards children, as well as events happening in my area. Some events require registration and will include an Eventbrite link or a website link to register. Make sure to read the fine print to see if there is a cost associated with it.

Local Parent Magazine

Our local library normally has a stack of local parent magazine located near the door. I grab them on the way out, and they share them monthly. The local magazine normally has a calendar with a listing of events happening around the city. Some for free and some with a cost. I place those of interest on our calendar.

Local Museums & Attractions

I follow our local museums & attractions on social media, as well as check their sites monthly. There I can find if they will be hosting a free day, like the Woodruff Arts Center hosts Family Fun Day every Sunday, and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta hosts Target Free Tuesday monthly. Around the city, there are various free activities and events. Shopping centers like Atlantic Station host free events weekly that are family friendly.

Facebook Groups

I am in several local mom & homeschooling Facebook groups, and women generously share information for whats happening around the city. I make sure to save the posts, and click through when I see them because there are usually registration limits and caps on attendance. I’m grateful for these moms that share what’s happening with others when they see it.

Event Invites for Media

For all of the other times you see my children and I at fun events, it’s been an invitation for a media preview from brands or companies that I partner with here on MommyWeek. We have the opportunity to check out a lot of things before the public does so that I can share fun information with you guys!

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