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What is coParenter?

coParenter is the first app built on the Intelligent Dispute Resolution (IDR) platform and was specifically designed for separating, divorced and never-married parents.

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How to use SoloMode™ in the coParenter App

Your coParent can’t or won’t connect with you on the app? Not to worry, here is how to get them on SoloMode™

How to Use the GetHelp Feature

How to get help from a coParenter professional about coParenting issues.

How to Use the Requests Feature

Learn how to make and modify requests in the coParenter app.

How to Use the Messaging Feature

Learn where to find all of your conversations and how to use the messaging feature.

How to Utilize the “Connections” Feature

How to make the most of the “YourTeam” Feature on the app.

How to Use the Check-In Feature

How to document and use the check-in feature on the app.

How to Use the Expense Feature

Learn to make and use the expense feature in the app.