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20 Credits/month

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240 Credits
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240 Credits/per user

What is coParenter?

coParenter is the first app built on the Intelligent Dispute Resolution (IDR) platform and was specifically designed for separating, divorced and never-married parents.

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Why should I coParent?

Research shows that successful coParenting is a leading factor in helping children thrive, especially in cases of separation or divorce.

Can a third party access my coParenter account?

Yes, by registering through the court, lawyer or other professional, they will have access to a third party view of your messaging, check-ins and agreements.

Can my kids access my account?

No, your kids cannot access your account so long as you keep your password secure.

What is coParenting?

coParenting is a parenting approach that stresses communication and alignment between the parents.

Is anything on coParenter admissible in court?

Any communication between you and your coParent may be admissible in court. Check-in history may also be admissible.

Is coParenter a non-profit?

While not a non-profit, coParenter is a social venture and our success is measured by the social impact of the organization.

How will coParenter help me?

coParenter can help you and your coParent make better decisions for your kids by offering management and coaching tools.

Is communication with a coParenter professional legally privileged?

To the fullest extent possible, all communication between you and a coParenter Professional is confidential and not subject to admission as evidence.

Is coParenter available to everyone?

coParenter can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for residents of the United States and Canada.

What is Parallel Parenting?

Parallel parenting indicates that parents may not be aligned with how they raise their children and parent separately vs coParenting where you align parenting.

Can I hire a lawyer or mediator in the app?

There is no way to hire a coParenting Professional directly within the application.

How do I schedule an appointment with a parenting professional?

There is no need to schedule an appointment with a coParenter Professional (cP Pro) as coParenter provides help on-demand.

How much does coParenter cost?

It is $12.99 a month or $119.99 a year. Both of these include 20 free credits per month (if you buy annually you get all 240 credits up front).

Can our agreements and parenting time schedules created on coParenter be filed with the court?

If you do not have an existing Parenting Time Schedule, you can work with one of our coParenter Professionals to set-up an appropriate custody/coParenting time schedule with your coParent. Simply click on SCHEDULE and REQUEST PLAN to access help.

How does using coParenter save me money?

coParenter saves you and your coParent money by helping you resolve conflict with an on-demand coParenter Professional