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4 Ways coParenter Makes You A Better Parent

Learn 4 key ways that the coParenting app can help you be a better parent. You’ll get help from coParenting professionals to put your kids first.
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4 Ways coParenter Makes You A Better Parent

Raising human beings is no easy task. Beyond feeding, clothing, and housing them, the goal is to make sure our kids turn out to be decent people too! Leading by example, also known as “practicing what you preach” is a big part of that. If you’re putting your own needs first, arguing with your coParent and dragging your disagreements to court, there’s a chance that the behavior you’re modeling isn’t ideal. Here’s how the coParenter app can help YOU be a better coParent.

You Can’t Completely Lose Your Cool

coParenter’s secure messaging system has an awesome language protection filter. You’ll be able to express your opinions without expletives. As will your coParent. By not being allowed to swear or call names you’ll already be making huge improvements in your communication skills, ones your kids are sure to notice! Plus, secure messaging means your children can’t access private communication that should stay between coParents. coParenter eliminates the emotion, helps you focus on child-related issues and reduces communication to a business-like transaction.

You’ll Keep Your Sanity

Think of coParenter as a digitized neutral third party— one that helps keep you and your coParent at a safe, professional distance from one another. You’ll be accessible to your coParent, and they’ll be accessible to you but in a way that eliminates some of the emotion involved. By handling coParenting agreements and responsibilities through the coParenter app you’ll transform a highly personal process into something businesslike and professional. With the coParenter app as your coParenting ally, you’ll save valuable head space for your kids – not to mention time and money!

Remove The Power Struggle

Something magical happens when you commit to using the coParenter app. With Parenting Time Schedules, the Check-In feature, and secure messaging, come gentle notifications to keep you motivated. For example, if your coParent has reached out to make an agreement about “Signing Sally up for soccer,” but you haven’t gotten to it yet, you’ll be nudged by coParenter, not your coParent. No need for constant reminders from your coParent, that’s why you’ve got us! coParenter is child-focused, ensuring that requests are made through the lens of the child’s best interest… Not the needs of one parent or the other.

It is not about the other person – it is always about the kids.

And more importantly, the coParenter app will help you prioritize your child’s best interests not your own. When you’re acting with your kids in mind, instead of lost in a power struggle with your coParent, you’ll already be ten steps closer to being the best mom or dad you can be!

You’ll Even Get A coParenting Professional to Help Mediate Agreements!

Wouldn’t it be great if all coParents were best friends and had regularly scheduled coParenting family meetings? It does exist! But maybe you’re not there yet. Just because that’s not your current reality doesn’t mean it can’t be someday!

Whether you’re in the “I can’t believe I had children with this person” phase or smack dab in the middle of “how the hell am I supposed to reach any kind of coParenting agreement with this human” phase we’ve got you! Our on-demand coaching professionals can mediate issues between you and your coParent, guiding you to create custom coParenting Time Schedules, Holiday Schedules, and agreements about everyday parenting decisions. All in the palm of your hand!

Utilizing coParenter’s Get Help feature demonstrates your commitment to being the best coParent you can be. By working with a mediation professional you’ll be making tangible steps forward in your coParenting relationship. If you and your coParent can resolve your differences with our coaches rather than through litigation, for example, you’ll be showing your kids that taking it to court is not the only way! You’ll be showing them that there are peaceful more cost-effective approaches to handling challenging obstacles in life. With the coParenter app, “practicing what you preach” will be easy.