coParenting and Perspective

“My biggest issue is trying to share custody of my kids with my ex who…

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girl playing tug of war

Tug-of-War With Children of Divorce

I recently joined a variety of “support groups” on Facebook for those who are or…

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boy and parents

Putting Your Child of Divorce Before Yourself

When conflict and resentment run high, it’s easy for parents to confuse their wants with…

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upset man

Hiring a Divorce Attorney – Buyer Beware

When seeking a divorce attorney, buyer beware.   In his “From the Chair” column in…

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boy and man in cape

Leading by Example to Heal Your Child of Divorce

An important lesson for coParents is to do everything you can to minimize conflict and…

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coParents Processing Emotions Leads to Family Happiness

Have you ever heard a separated or divorced parent use the pronoun “my” when referring…

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